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How do I brace my garage door so the garage door opener doesn't warp the door where attached to the opener? Answered

I have a one car garage door I'm installing a garage door opener to. The problem is the manufacturer of the door doesn't guarantee the vertical aluminum center bar on the top panel of the door won't bend or break during the operation of the garage door opener. How can I brace the L-shaped aluminum bar to take the stress of the door being automatically lifted without warping the bar or the top panel of the door? There is no information listed on the garage door manufacturer's website.



7 years ago

several things could be causing this: 1) as others have mentioned you could have a broken or nonexistent strut. it should be at the very top of the top section running the width of the door. it should stick out about 2 inches from the door. 2) bad or broken spring causing the operator to pull excessively on that top section. 3) also the arm that goes from the top section to the carriage should be at approximately a 45 degree angle.

of course i see now it has been a year and a half since this was posted so hopefully its fixed now without too much damage to the top section.


8 years ago

frollard is right, you need to reinforce your panel to keep it straight.. even for safety reasons. the exact part you may be looking for is pictured here: Garage Door Strut

That's based on my understanding of what you are asking..



10 years ago

Hi Attach a oversize metal plate with stove bolts under where theoperator attaches to the door to raise and lower the panels,attachoperator bracket over plate, drill through plate then attach withbolts,also lube the hinges and track this should take care of any bind.Ron


10 years ago

There is a metal strip that is under tension to help keep the panel straight - called struts. I'm not sure what part of the door you're referring to.

http://www.garagedoorpartsllc.com/ has a picture with descriptions.


10 years ago

. If the counter-balance springs on the door are set properly, it shouldn't be a problem. I've seen metal plates used for reinforcement.