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How do I build a roof over my deck? Answered

I would like it to be up to code, able to withstand harsh winds and heavy snow, and still look good on the house. I also thought it would be nice to have a ceiling fan underneath possibly?



Best Answer 10 years ago

The first thing you need to do is find out if your current deck footings will support the roof structure you want to build. A good lumberyard will be able to give you some help in this part (not home depot), and when you get your building permit you must show that you have planned a proper foundation. 6x6 support uprights work best to support the roof, and the lumberyard will also help you with spacing, span and size of the headers/beams on top of the 6x6’s. The roof, I would suggest a roof truss system. They are pre-engineered systems to be lightweight and very strong, and simple to put up. They also give you a flat ceiling to install lights and ceiling fan’s. One thing to consider while in the planning stage is that this structure will have no walls to stop the wind, therefore it can act like an airfoil or parachute. Proper consideration must be taken to properly anchor it to mother earth. Most building codes require this now. I hope this is helpful to you and good luck.


10 years ago

Since code is a local issue, you're really going to have to talk to someone who knows what your area requires.


Answer 10 years ago

Also be aware that you may need to pull a building permit, and that in some areas a roofed deck permanently attached to the house may be taxable space. (I know someone who deliberately designed their sunroom so it's a stand-alone structure that is "temporarily" attached to the house, so they can avoid that issue -- if an inspector or appraiser ever challenges it, they can show that removing four bolts would allow it to be pulled away.)


10 years ago

First you have make good beams for a strong basement