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How do I build a table that I can fold into the wall to get it out of the way? Answered

I am working in our basement and I want to keep all space as open as possible to accomodate at pool table. My wife likes to scrapbook on occasion and I want to build some sort of folding table that I can drop down from the wall. Most of the time, I would have the space required. It does not have to be very large. I am thinking some sort of a hinge system?


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11 years ago

Sure. You need hinges where the table joins the wall and where the leg(s) join the table. It's proabaly good to do three main pieces: a smallish (2"x4"-ish) piece of wood that you bolt into the wall studs and attach the first set of hinges to, the table top piece, and the leg(s) piece. You'll also need some very secure latching system to hold the table assembly against the wall when it's folded - be sure this is low enough for your wife to comfortably reach. And you'll probably want one or two of those folding bracket things that can lock the table & leg(s) into their "open" position. I keep saying "leg(s)" because, while a two-leg assembly with appropriate crossbracing will be lighter - and weight can be a problem here, especially if you use a good sturdy plywood or something - a single-panel leg will look nicer when the table is folded, and would give you a nifty place to hang your dartboard or your "dogs playing poker" poster. Good luck with the project.