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How do I charge my Capacitor? It's a 82 volt. Answered

I have an 82 volt, 8200 uF capacitor that I got from an amplifier years back, To this day, I just shorted it out to release the spark. Now, I want to use it in a Coil Gun/Rail Gun. I am using just this one capacitor, but I heard you can make a coil gun from a camera flash capacitor as well as it's charging circuit.. I tried to charge the cap in parallel and series, parallel worked, but only produced a very short spark and not enough energy to shoot anything in the coil gun whatsoever. Can I wire my capacitor up to the camera flash circuit in place of the short capacitor that originally came with the camera? Or do I need a more sophisticated charging system...? Also, if you guys don't mind, Would you explain to me how capacitor capacity works, as well as charging them? I am fairly new to capacitors and quickly discharging, however, I can just use a simple leyden jar to shoot my coil gun...... right?.. I do not know anything about resisters either, and what they do for capacitors. I know that I hooked one up and glowed red hot on my capacitor.... yeh heh heh....

--Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

The water analogy will help here.

Water flow in a pipe is like electric current,
water pressure is like electric voltage,
a water tank is like a capacitor, and
a very thin water pipe is like a resistor when compared to a large diameter pipe.

You can imagine a very tall ( High Voltage) water tank will squirt water further then a large but short height flat (low Voltage) pool.
I don't have a very good analog for an inductor, but you can P.M. me about an example.


8 years ago

Putting an 82V capacitor on the camera flash circuit (250-350ish volts) will make it explode, or at least probably stop working. All you have to do to charge them is connect the positive side to the positive of any power supply (under the specified voltage limit, in this case 82 volts) and the negative side to the negative of said power supply. Easy as pie.