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How do I conctruct a powerful night vision flashlight? Answered

I want to build a powerful night vision flashlight that is capable of producing a bright enough beam of light that it will travel at least 75 yards or so. I want to use this light for hunting wild hogs at night. The light needs to be visible to humans but not to animals. I want to try to build one instead of spending thousands on some of those fancy ones .It only needs to be transported to and from the stand so it does not have to be a light hand held flashlight. I am wondering if some kind of night vision Q Beam is possible. That would be perfect. It is fine if the unit is heavy due to batteries or whatever because it will be transported by a four wheeler. Any help that you may be able to give will be much appreciated. Thanks


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11 years ago

You need LEDs.... Lots of Infrared LEDs As far as I know, pigs can't see into the infrared spectrum (I know people can't). Also Infrared LEDs work real well with night vision. You could make a cluster of some high output IR LEDs, feed it the correct voltage and current, and use a collimating lens to focus the beam the LEDs put out to extend the light's range.