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How do I control a Japan Servo Co., Ltd stepper? Answered

I've got a couple of 3 wire stepper motors and I have no clue how to run them. The wires are Blue Red and Yellow then a Green attached to the case. They are made by Japan Servo Co., Ltd. Thank YOU :)


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See attached image. Click to enlarge. In your case the common leads are paired together so you have 2 coils with 1 input lead for each coil and 1 common ground lead.

The coils are wound and energised such that they have a N and S at opposite ends.

This attracts the magnetic rotor between them.

Swapping the direction of the current swaps the magnetic poles and causes the rotor to.. rotate.

Doing the quickly will result in what appears to be continuous rotation. To do this you need an electronic device called an H bridge and you feed the h bridge signals from normally a micro controller to give control over the steps you apply.

You could however as an experiment simply use 2 DPDT switches to provide the changing current and do it manually but very slowly.

bipoler.jpgbipolar 2.jpgbipolar 3.jpg
Jenny LynG
Jenny LynG

Answer 4 years ago

thank youuuu :)