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How do I control a PC fan with solar power? Answered

I have several PC fans that I've scavenged over the years and some old broken solar garden lights. Can I use the solar cells from these lights to power a computer fan? How would I go about it? Is there a better kind of panel that I could use? The fans only need to run during the day and only when it's sunny out.

I'm thinking about making some type of solar heater and I want to incorporate the computer fans.


I answered my own question from some Youtube videos. Here they are in case anybody else wants to watch them:



Best Answer 11 years ago

connect the solar panels in series untill there is enough voltage to run the fan 12 V computer fans will run on about 5 V (low speed) and higher solar panel likely outputs about 3 V if you connected some panels in series and they run the fan maybe connect another identical series of panels in parallel to the 1st to get more current (adding panels in series gives more current too but can have different efficiency)