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How do I convert HD files, or burn them to disc? Answered

I have a bunch of MTS files (Sony's special HD video format), and I need to convert them to MPGs or MOVs so I can edit them. At the very least I need to be able to burn them to a viewable DVD. A friend suggested I get the DivX converter, but that only allowed me to convert the files to DivX files which I can only watch on the DivX player. Help!!!!!



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Best Answer 11 years ago

Google "HD to mpg" or "MTS to mpg" and you'll find a list of converters.  Some of them are free and some of the cost from $5 on up.

Try a few of them and see if you can find one that works.  I don't have nay MTS files to test them out for you.

Good luck.