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How do I convert a USB Plasma Sphere to battery power? Answered

I'm trying to make a "tesla cane" (just a cane topped off with a working plasma sphere) for my cousin's steampunk-themed wedding. I already have a USB Plasma ball (Model is here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/964e/?), and I'd like to make it run off battery power. I'm good at soldering and dealing with small wires, but I've never measured voltage or anything like that. Advice? Has anyone attempted a project like this before? It seems like there are tons of "convert batteries to USB" tutorials but not many of the reverse. :)

Thanks in advance!


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10 years ago

take some wire strippers snip the usb part off find the black and red wires keep those snip the other two then find a six volt battery pack and get a five volt voltage regulator attach that to the battery pack and the end of the regulator and negative to ground on regulator with plasma globe ground


11 years ago

I don't know if the data pins do anything on it or not (I doubt they do), but if they don't then your good. I did a project like this a long time ago, but i had school resources so it didn't cost anything... lemme go google parts and see how much this would cost...
found urls...
K it would cost $3.58 + tax + shipping. (or just go to your local rat shack).
I'm assuming you have basic knowlege of electronics and soddering skills. if not message me... mmykle@gmail.com...

K, so you need a 5v regulator for $1.59
And a 9v battery connector. $1.99

This is the pin layout for that regulator.
Pin one is where you would sodder the posotive wire of the 9v battery to.

Pin two you would connect to the negative side of the 9v battery, completeing the circuit. Pin three is now outputting 5v.

Connect pin three to the positive wire on your USB cable (cut it open...). Then connect the negative wire on the USB cable to the negative side of the 9v battery.

Then your done! Please let me know if you need help with this, this sounds like a cool project.


11 years ago

If its a usb device then it has to run on 5 v.
according to this site
the outside pins are red +5v and black ground (-5v).
This one's easy. get a usb extention cord cut off the male end and connect to 5 volts. You could even put the battery in your pocket, run the cord down you sleeve then plug into the Sphere. 6 volts probably wouldn't do any harm and would be easy to get by "stacking" 4 1.5 batt's.