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How do I convert a usb enabled device and attach a bluetooth r/t (and rechargeable battery supply unit)? Answered

I have no background in circuits but am trying to combine a fairly complex sensor (manufactured on its own board, powered by usb) with more electronic components that I am buying.  I want to add a bluetooth r/t and LiPo battery system as well as a circuit board that has a tungsten-halogen lamp with photoresistor setup.  My question is, is there a simple way of combining different circuit systems?  Thank you so much!!


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5 years ago

The battery shouldn't be an issue - you will need a 5 volt regulator between a 6/7 volt battery and the USB socket.

However your BT module will expect to be controlled by some kind of computer system, PC or PIC microcontroller and so I imagine will not be compatable with your sensor unless you put a PIC microcontroller between them and write suitable software.