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How do I convert a wireless keyboard to usb? Answered

I have 2 wireless keyboards that don't have receivers, so I'd like to make them both usb instead.


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11 years ago

Unfortunately, this is probably something that cannot be done, unless you are already deeply familiar with USB. The keyboard has a controller built into it which encodes and sends the proper signals out through whichever method the keyboard was designed to use. In USB keyboards, the USB controller will be onboard. In the case of the wireless keyboards, the USB controller was most likely in the receiver. I'm sure it would be possible to convert them to USB, but only if you're willing to buy, and program a USB controller to receive and interpret the keyboard data. You would probably be better off simply buying new keyboards. If you really really really like those keyboards, you could potentially buy a working USB keyboard and harvest the controller from it. You would have to work out the signal methodology of the keyboard to be able to hook it up to the old wireless though...