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How do I correct the problem of my sk450 deadcat quad flipping forward? Answered

Tried all the recommended settings to compensate for pitch and roll as I understand it. Take it of with aileron and elevator in neutral position and the copter topples forward before it leaves the ground. What Should I be changing to settle things down.



6 years ago

Think about why it would tip forwards:

Physical trim - is it balanced about the C of G

are the motors running as programmed

Did you set up each ESC to suite the transmitter signals

Are the props all the same pitch and size.

Are the props on the right way round.

Can you shift things around to make it tip the other way - so identifying the area that is the problem - eg swap props from front to back.

Is you transmitter trimmed out correctly

Unfortunatly there are a lot of possibilities and only you have the hands on to find them.