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How do I deboss and ink a silicone wristband? Answered

I need 300 silicone wristbands all with different numbers on them. Ive contacted many different websites and they all say in order to do it, I would need to place 300 different orders which would be VERY expensive. I was hoping to buy blank ones and do it myself. Does anyone know how this is done? is this done with a laser cutter? Can it? I've also tried to do this with a sharpie pen but the ink rubs off. Any ideas to do something that way?


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1 year ago

Teflon, Polyethylene, Silicone, the three nightmares for the tinkerer....
Nothing sticks to silicone unless you prepare the surface with quite harmful and dangerous chemicals.
The only half way safe way is by using high voltage to "etch" the surface, not feasable on a hobby level though.
For an event or similar I would opt for the paper like bands instead.
They come on A4 sheets, can be printed or written on.
A lot of swimming pools use them for the kids.

If you really have to write on a silicone surface try to prime it with an activator pen.
The usually come with superglue but some shops sell them individually as well.
Not 100% sure if it will create a better lasting writing but is about the only thing I can think of now.