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How do I delete a posting and start over? Answered

I am new to the forum and attempted to upload a video of a Hocking Valley Corn Sheller restoration.  The feedback shows the video is published but I don't see it anywhere.  How do I delete the posting and try again?  Does anyone have steps that make it easy to upload video?


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9 years ago

You don't need to delete it, you can edit it. On the right column of your post is a section called authors options there is an edit button. Once you are in the edit mode you can embed your video using the instructions shown here:https://www.instructables.com/about/video_tips.jsp.

If you did want to delete your post and start again.  Go into the edit mode (as mentioned above) there are 3 tabs along the top edit, publish,share, beside that is the word more which gives your a drop down list, on the bottom of the list is delete.  Select that to delete your post.

I hope that helps