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How do I determine how to best couple the primary coil of a Tesla Coil to the secondary coil? Answered

I need to know what the best dimensions for the primary coil would be for this secondary: 505 mm length 0.72 mm wire thickness (21 gauge magnet wire) and 60.325 mm diameter I would appreciate some sort of formula where i can just substitute the primary voltage and get a measurement but if that is not possible use 27 volts for the primary voltage. If you have suggestions as to other aspects of the coil i could improve, i would be happy to listen. It is a solid state coil and i will probably put a capacitor in series with the primary to make it doubly resonant.



10 years ago

Is this your first tesla? If so then it might be best to build a proven design to learn the theory then build you own design. If the proven design does not work you have a source for help and someone to lean on. If you design doesn't work you will have no idea if the design is bad, you made a mistake or a part is bad. Plus you have no one that knows the coil or has any experience with it. I know that's not what you want to hear but Tesla coils are tempermental and you basic question leads me to believe you don't have the fundamentals down well enough to build a working design of you own yet. Either way good luck and don't let it bite you.


Answer 10 years ago

Yes it is my first coil. Thank you for the suggestion of building a proven design. I have been doing research on Solid State coil design theory but have not found very much useful information regarding coupling and general good design techniques. I forgot to mention that the primary will most likely be made from 6mm copper pipe.