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How do I directly power a standard 12v 2a Led strip directly off AC outlet/switch? Answered

Hey all! 
So I have an idea for a project to make some safety running lights for the stairs and some for around the light switches in my home to provide a night light of sorts and also allow for easy navigation at night. Now, I am still new to Electronics and electrical circuits in general and in fact the farthest my knowledge really extends is to the last project in the book Make:electronics which only really deals in DC.

Now on to the real meat of the question. How could I safely tie a small circuit consisting of some SMD led light strips running at 12v 2a DC to a standard AC line going into a light switch? I would normally just use a standard "wall wart" PSU but I want to integrate the circuitry beyond the leds behind the light switch panel. I'm mostly looking what type of components I would need, maybe an overview of what needs to be done(or detailed step by step would be cool too :) ).

I know there is probably a lot more knowledge I would have to gain to really do this properly so I would also ask for some good educational material covering what I am doing and some more similar topics. I have found that most of my projects involve lighting and being able to directly pipe off of an AC line without a wall wart would be lovely.

Thanks All!



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7 years ago

Do a google about AC to DC adapter.