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How do I disassemble a recliner so that I can reupholster it? Answered

I have an old Lazy Boy that works well, but the upholstery is something to be desired. Some parts of the reupholstering I can easily guess from existing instructables. Yet is there further instructions that will give more details on specific recliner mechanics? Instructions to sew a slipcover would also be helpful.



11 years ago

Depending on the specific recliner - I know many have their backs friction fit onto the recline mechanism. If you lift by the seat-back with someone sat on the chair (for ballast ;)) it should might lift off. Otherwise, it may require being unclipped before lifting off. The arm-sides are bolted from the inside onto the recline-frame. Flip the backless 'base' over, onto something that will prevent the uprights (that hold the seat-back on) from gouging the floor. From here you should see some removable bolts. Take pictures first, and document what you take apart. Some pieces may need to be removed in the 'locked' position, others in the 'reclined' position. I assume you know how to reupholster it - seam rip each part into its component pieces of fabric, then use those as templates on your new fabric, resew, and re-assemble in reverse order.