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How do I efficiently design an electrical system for an electrical motor run by saltwater fuel cells? Answered

I am designing, building and testing an electrical system that runs off of saltwater and powers a buggy-like vehicle. My dilemma, is figuring out how to regulate the unsteady output of electrical energy into the electrical motor. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient type of electrical motor to use, only knowing I need 5 hp. How can I take the inconstant energy flow from the many energy cells, regulate a constant flow into the electric motor, and charge a separate battery with the excess energy, to be used in case of "emergency"?



1 year ago

Your 5 Hp is 3730 Kilo watts! Thats a substantial load.

Start from that.


Answer 1 year ago

Just what I meant to type - Mmmm where is that decimal point again - I was sure I pressed it.

Still a substantial load though.


1 year ago

No offence but as the others already pinted out your power requirements are big enough to require industrial components to get what you want.
I would say in the pricerange of a nice used car....
Which leads me to the question:
From what I know these saltwater cells don't really produce much energy.
From my Guesstimations your buggy would carry an olympic sized swimming pool to get enough power for the motor.
And of course that would mean you need a much bigger motor due to the weight and the pool gets even bigger......

I guess there is a reason why most people still use fossil fuels in their vehicles....