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How do I fix/align my brush tip in Gimp? Answered

I use Gimp for image editing. Recently I noticed that the brush tip is about 20 pixels to the left of the arrow. Now this is inconvenient in several ways, but some of the tools in GImp don't have anything showing the exact point where your selecting, I just have to guess knowing that it's about a half inch left of the point of the arrow. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've looked through the "preferences" and haven't found a thing.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It sounds like a bug. You should see an outline of the brush you're using while hovering. If you do not see an outline, something's gone wrong. Double-check that you have the latest version of GIMP and that your computer meets all requirements. And of course, try reinstalling GIMP.


Answer 8 years ago

It went away, so you're probably right.

I was getting an outline for the brush, but the FREE SELECT tool has no outline, so I was doing a lot of guessing.

I really appreciate you replying. :)