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How do I get a friend to let me talk to my other friends without hurting her feelings? Answered

I have a really cool friend, but every time I try to talk to someone else, she starts interrupting us and talking to me. Some of my other friends don't really like her, but I still want to be her friend. So, how do I get her to give me some space without hurting her feelings and losing her as a friend? And I have told her to let me finish my conversation with someone else, but every single other time she does it. Help!! And thank you all who can help!




Best Answer 10 years ago

You have to tell her calmly and clearly what it is that needs to change. Talk to her about it. What can you say? Simply say that she sometimes interrupts your conversations and you'd really appreciate it if she tried to work on that. Another thing you can do is take a day once in a while to go out without her and see some of your other friends. You don't always have to hang around with the same people every day, change things up once in a while. Do: -Be polite & keep a nice tone. It's hard to get mad at a nice guy. -Tell them out front you need to chat with them about something, and have the conversation in private over coffee or something. -Be willing to listen and have patience. You can't expect her to change instantly and she may have a thing or two to say about the situation herself. Do not: -Give an ultimatum. Make it a request for a favor to have maximum effect and to be less upsetting. -Be tricky. I repeat, do not lure them out under any pretense. I.e. don't ask them to come for a movie and then sit them down for a talk... even if you plan on still having the movie. She came expecting a good time, not criticism. -Blame your other friends. You're talking to her for the sake of your friendship with her, not because of what your other friends want. Don't make them the bad guys, because you do NOT want any further resentment building.


10 years ago

Sounds like your cool friend is actually very insecure about her friendship with you. Why not make sure you incorporate your intrusive friend in your conversations when she joins you ?