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How do I get flies out of my tent fly? How can I keep them out? Answered

When camping I have noticed that my tent fly collects loads of flies, right above the tent door. Keeping the fly unzipped overnight seems to let them out somewhat, but there are always a few. I don't imagine the flies like being trapped in there, and they annoy me with their buzzing. How can I get them out or keep them from getting in?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Use plastic wrap, industrial plastic wrap. Wrap up the whole tent, although, you may need an oxygen tank.


10 years ago

Napalm! bwahahaha!


seriously though, hang some plastic bags with water and a penny in the bottom up around your fly. You may think I'm pulling your leg, but thats an old remedy here in the Southern US that really works. There are even several "mom and pop" resturaunts in this area that have them hanging up in the dining area in the summer - no flys.

Try it

Do an internet search on "plastic bag water penny fly" and see what you get.