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How do I get more people to look at my instructable? Answered

I just posted my first instructable and when I go to look for it I do not see it. It may be at the very end but I believe it is a really good one and I have posted it about a day ago and have only had about 90 hits. What can I do to increase my presents here?


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9 years ago

Long overdue Welcome! ...and congrats on your first ible! Traffic takes time. Ways to get yourself noticed are to produce featurable content, as featured items often hit the homepage for more visibility.  Regularly producing excellent material encourages more people to subscribe to you -- subscribers will see your stuff first. (see authors:  scoochmaroo, kiteman, etc)

Don't pester people (spam) to view it, but definitely share it everywhere you can -- social media is a great start.

Choosing accurate and interesting keywords will get you more traffic from internal and offsite sources; my 'refill a foaming soap' ible is not amazing, but a couple home/kitchen blogs picked it up and it exploded in popularity.
 Right now your keywords are
"Make your photo"
"s show action"

Those aren't easily searchable terms -- remember to separate KEY words with commas in the list;
Photography, Action, shot, "come to life", realistic, "tell a story"
You don't want phrases or plain english, you want just the key words -- that will make the search more efficient, and get you more hits.

You have a good title image and a good title -- don't need to change anything there.  Always stick with something that grabs attention while being concise and interesting.

Lastly, if you publish multiple ibles (which we hope you will!) that are of similar topic, cross link them with hyperlinks in related steps.


Answer 9 years ago

Thank you for your prompt answer. You guys are great!


9 years ago

To get more views to any project in general, in no particular order:
  • Give it a title that explains the concept of the project.
  • Give careful thought to your key-words, since they are what search engines use to get to your project.
  • Post a forum topic to announce your new project.
  • Email the project to your friends & acquaintances, ask them to have a look and then pass the address on to their friends.
  • Blog about your project.
  • Find a popular blog that matches the theme of your project, and email the url and a small write-up to the blog's owner, with a polite request for them to feature or review the project.
  • Post it to facebook.
  • Tweet it.
  • Stumble it.