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How do I get my HDMI port to broadcast to tv? Answered

I recently had someone wipe my HD to get rid of windows 8 as I did not like it and put windows 7 on my laptop. Before that I could plug my laptop into the TV via HDMI cable but it seems after windows 7 was installed I can no longer do this. Is it possibly due to a driver missing? I have tried setting up multiple displays and that does not seem to work. Any ideas on what I can do to get this working?


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5 years ago

Go into the device manager and see if there are any devices that have a ? mark. That means you need to find the drivers. It is very possible that some items were missed. Another thing to do is go to the notebooks manufacturers web site and find the software they have for your unit. It will include any approved and hopefully updated drivers that you need to have for Win 7. Download everything that is listed for yours and install them. It should fix the problem.