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How do I get on a group? There is no group button. The instructable dosent help.? Answered




Best Answer 10 years ago

Yes, it would be helpful if there was a group button. There is a few ways to get to them. One way if there is a group theme that you are interested in, say for example Origami. Type Origami in the search bar on the upper right corner. When the results show up, click on the drop down box (the default is Instructables) but you can change it to Groups. This will give you a list of Origami groups (or whatever you are interested in).

A second way to get to groups is to click on Community. This brings you to the forum section, however if you scrolled down toward the bottom of the page and look to the right, there is a random selection of groups, and a link in orange text "more groups". This finally gets you to the complete listing of groups. To make it easier to browse through you can sort by rating, views, featured etc. As well as by subcategory (menu on left side).