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How do I get rid of bags, dark circles under my eyes? Answered

Any home remedies or low cost solution would be great!



Best Answer 10 years ago

The best thing that I find works is Cold Used Earl Grey Tea Bags. put them under your eyes for about half an hour. Try it and see if it works.

DELETED_Claire John

6 years ago

I would recommend the Eyelastin because it is clinically proven and completely organic product to work and contains many unique features, including patent Nanoderm Technology. Eyelastin is manufactured by Dermagevity Skin Care which is based on the invention of product formulations that will harness scientifically verified ingredients and innovative delivery methods that reduce the presence dark under eye circles as well as accelerate the particular recovery of typical beauty imperfections.
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Sleep Deprivation

9 years ago

The reason your getting bags is either because you are not getting enough sleep or you are doing drugs like smoking marijuana.

My advice:
Dont do drugs
get more sleep. Bags under your eyes is an effect of sleep deprivation. The only way to get rid of them is to get more sleep.


10 years ago

Life, Sleep is, of course, essential for your entire body's rejuvenation. Tea is a great 'home remedy' for puffiness around the eyes. If however, you want to get rid of dark undereye circles, I highly recommend Timewise(R) Targeted-Action(R) Eye Revitalizer. After just two weeks, 7 out of 10 women said their dark circles and under-eye puffiness were less noticeable.* Dark circles and under-eye puffiness may appear due to environmental exposure, UV damage, aging, external irritants, and excess melanin. Many of these ingredients are botanically derived, and in combination with peptides and other non-botanical ingredients, are able to deliver the most impressive results. I am an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I simply could not let your question go unanswered when we see such fabulous results. Visit my website at www.marykay.com/sonjaparham for more information or email me at sonjaparham@gmail.com. Best Wishes!


10 years ago

iv'e heard just standing up should do it, otherwise rub your fingers around on them


Answer 10 years ago

Captain, The skin around your eyes is extremely thin. Rubbing your fingers around them will cause further damage. Even when applying a cream around your eyes, you should only use your ring finger to pat the cream on.


10 years ago

Bags under the eyes are actually broken capillaries. I'm not sure if you can "get rid" of them. But you can certainly reduce the appearance by getting good sleep, staying well hydrated and using a cold compress which aids in shrinking the vessels.


10 years ago

I agree with Padlock and Arhangelnana here.

Getting quality sleep on a good sleep schedule is is good for you in a number of ways, while chronic sleep deprivation is seriously Bad News for your health.

Now, if you are going to bed at the same time every day, staying asleep, getting a sufficient amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours for most adults), and still have bags under your eyes, you may need to talk with a dermatologist or other doctor about it.


10 years ago

I find that the best thing is sleep. Wearing a bit of makeup helps to cover it up, but always make sure to take it off before going to bed! Skin deteriorates years earlier because people wear too much makeup, forget to take it off and then just build up a new layer the next morning.