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How do I get rid of corrosion in electronics? Answered

In some of my old electronics I have noticed the corrosion that has caused destruction.  I make attempts to clean it out by scraping (usually with a knife).  So, do you have any good remedies to my solution, please help!



Best Answer 8 years ago

I have had corrosion on Automobile components and other electronic Gear i take on the road with me and use in the field.
Proper care and preparation is always the prophylactic to use against the disease of corrosion.

Dust bust your components with a anti-static agent like Endust
dust holds moisture and limits air flow

If there is corrosion I have used P-B-Blaster and makeup q tips (lint-free)
just a few drops on the tip and gently rub the corrosion away
it doesn't evaporate and is non-conductive

follow up with a clean lint free cloth and your good

remember always disconnect power connect static strap to your wrist
and Read the Manufactures Instructions of all Chemicals you plan on using
some cleaning agents actually cause corrosion so use caution

and good luck!


8 years ago

I use blue shower to clean with it's not cheap but it will clean all electronic parts.


8 years ago

The question is, what are you doing that permits corrosion in the first place?

Unless you've been exposing your circuitry to the elements, the main sources of corrosion will be either someone having used acid-flux solder (DON'T!), or a leaking carbon/acid battery (one of many reasons for never using those -- alkaline cells won't damage your system anywhere near as badly should they leak).