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How do I get rid of this "pop" at the beginning of my MP3 in Audacity? Answered

So, I've recorded this sound from my PSP using a stereo cable and Audacity. I cut the audio to the certain length that I want it and go to "file" and "export as MP3". When I open up the MP3 to listen to it it has this pop in audio at the beginning. (The picture is the "pop" in audio). So, I open up the MP3 I just exported and cut out the "pop" and export a new one. But, it just does it again.

Any ideas what is going on?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Try this.

Highlight the entire recording.
Pick the "EFFECTS" button,
Find and pick "NORMALIZE..."
Check mark "Remove any DC offset"
Unclick "Normalize max..."
hit OK and that should center your sound on "0", and the click should go away.

The click you're hearing is when that recording goes from 0 volts to .5 volts.

I don't know why it's there but it's probably a dc voltage coming from your PSP.


10 years ago

Audio should recore EQUALLY above and below the ZERO line. Notice that the ZERO spot in the middle of the waveform is located ABOVE the zero line. That means either your sound source has a small DC direct-current voltage on it... or you have AUDACITY set for some kind of "above zero" bias setting. Try disconnecting your sound source connector. Then try recording the sound of SILENCE... (nothing connected to your INPUT). If your problem goes away, then it is caused by your sound source. You could purchase a GROUND BUSTER (also called a GROUND ISOLATOR) for about 20 bucks from radio shack to solve the problem. If the ABOVE ZERO silent recording does NOT go away, then it is a problem with your audacity settings or your computer (sound card?) .