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How do I get to the iTunes Store? Answered

I have iTunes 10, and there're some wacky parental controls on my computer (it's using the Windows Vista parental controls, I think) and I want to be able to get to the store.  I know how to approve things, I just don't want to allow everything Internet-related, and the first time I opened it it asked for permission to use some parts of iTunes, but I was in a rush and hit cancel.  Now it won't come up again, and I can't figure out how to reach the store.  (Sorry if this was confusing...  just ask me to explain more if needs be)



8 years ago

Are you using the windows firewall? If so go there and make sure that the itunes store address is not on the disapproved list. If it is then take it off and you should be able to work your way in.