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How do I go about having a 12v battery power a device that runs off of 2x AA batteries? Answered

I am looking to run a receiver that is powered by 2x AAA batteries off of a 12v 12ah battery that is also running an amplifier. If there a way to do this without burning up the receiver? I am looking for a cost effective way to do this.




6 years ago

yes there is a way you can do this. what you could use is a step down transformer like that of a cellphone car charger from 12v to 3v but its important to know the amp draw on both the charger and the receiver.


Reply 5 years ago

A cell phone car charger doesn't have a step down transformer in it. They use a voltage regulator to regulate the voltage from 12V down to the 3 or 5 volts needed by the device.


6 years ago

Use a voltage regulator. Be good to know how much power said receiver draws so you get the right regulator.