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How do I go from 6V to 5V? Answered

Hello there helpful forum! I have this costume I'm making for halloween. I'm using LEDs and lasers and things, and I'm a real new guy to electronics in general. I have a problem because I can't use the AC adapters that they come with for power. I need to have a simple way to make this battery powered so that it's portable. The AC adapters provide 1500mA of power at 5V. What is the simplest way to make (or buy) a portable battery system? It needs to be only a couple of pounds in weight, at most. I have these big 6V lantern batteries. What's the simplest way to drop the voltage to 5V? Also I don't have time to order any thing by mail. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!


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9 years ago

Put a 1N4001 in series with the battery.