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How do I hook my laptop up to my TV? Answered



Best Answer 10 years ago

For this we need a description of your laptop, and television set.

If your laptop has an SVIDEO output, and your TV doesn't have an SVIDEO input, you'll need a set of cables and a converter.

If your laptop has an SVIDEO output, and your TV does have an SVIDEO input, you can just get an SVIDEO cable and plug in. You'll need to hook up the audio cable seperatly... for that you'll need a cable with 2 RCA plugs on one end, and a stereo 3.5mm headphone jack on the other end.

It gets more complicated from there. If your laptop is newer, it might have an HDMI output. If your laptop doesn't have an output for television screens, it will usually have a VGA-out and you can buy a converter box.

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10 years ago

Yeah, svideo is probably on your tv also


Answer 10 years ago

Might not be, the svideo standard didn't get built into a lot of TV's. Mostly to be found in higher end brands or bigger TV's... but for most brands these will be only found in certain production years. I have two Sony CRT sets for example. One has a VGA input, the other has an SVIDEO. Other than that, they look identical and one was purchased about a year later. None of the other half a dozen TV sets we own have anything other than coaxial and RCA inputs.