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How do I hookup computer speakers to my mobile phone to play music louder ? Answered


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

I think you can just plug the 3.5 mm plug of the amplified computer speakers into the headset jack on your phone.

Whether or not it will be that easy, depends strongly on the shape of the headset jack on your phone.

A common headset jack on many, but not all, mobile phones is similar, made to fit a 3.5 mm plug with 4, or 3, conductors. It is almost identical to a computer soundcard jack, except here is an extra conductor, for the signal from the headset's mic.

A picture of two of these plugs is attached, and I stole that picture from a discussion here:


By the way, if you find yourself wondering about those acronyms, TRS and TRRS, those stand for {tip, ring, sleeve} and {tip, ring, ring, sleeve} respectively. Tip, ring, and sleeve, are the shapes of those little metal things on the plug.