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How do I insert video files onto my Instructables? Answered

For demonstration videos, I just want to place the file to avoid placing videos on the web. What kind of video files are accepted, and how do I make them if I don't have the video options?



8 years ago

The "attach images" function will attach any file.
But videos look better embedded to stream from e.g. YouTube, because we see a preview-pane and have the option to stop. Looking at a 10Mb "mystery file" it is less appealing to download the whole thing to see what it looks like.



Best Answer 8 years ago

By uploading the file onto a Website, you areplacing your videos on the Web. Instructables is not a video server, and does not have any of the backend software necessary to stream video.

If you upload one of the many incompatible video format files to your Image Library, then you can attach it to your I'ble as an "image." People can download it, but only if they have the specific software installed on their system to play that specific format.

The point of video-streaming sites (like YouTube, Vimeo, et al.) is that they have software on their servers to handle many different formats, which they then "repackage" in the form of Adobe Flash.


Answer 8 years ago

In a way you're right. Do you suggest an uploaded video that's only available through a link?


8 years ago

I don't think the instructables site itself handles videos. Any instructable I have every seen uses an embedded Youtube window or link.

I suppose you could attach it as a regular file that a user could download and view, but I have never tried that approach.


Answer 8 years ago

I see several Instructables with.mov format videos attached sometimes. I'm wondering about something like that and how it's done.