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How do I install LED light strips in my guitar with an on/on/off switch where one on responds to the picking? Answered

Ok so basically what I want to do is install LED light strips into my guitar with an on/on/off switch so one 'on' is where the LEDs are always on, and in the other they respond to picking. What I mean by that is that they light up only when the guitar is strummed, and the brightness depends on the picking intensity. I was thinking for the always on I could wire a 9v battery directly to the LEDs, and for the one where they respond to picking wire it like this: pickups-->voltage buffer-->amplifier-->rectifier-->LEDs Would that work? If not how would I do this?



9 years ago

Ok, I've done something similar, not quite an LED light strip, but I have set up a circuit that flashes LEDs in time with playing the guitar.

The circuit can be adapted as the transistor based switch can be used to switch any kind of circuit.  Alternatively, just build your own LED circuit, as it's easy enough.

Any questions, just ask!


Answer 8 years ago

Hello Hsandford,

Can we discuss the cirucit you'd created to have LED's flash with the pickup harmonics! My e-mail address is Densho2@aol.com and my site is DJGuitars.com