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How do I install LED light strips into my XBOX 360 Slim? Answered

I've been searching youtube for videos of how to install LED light strips into my XBOX 360 SLIM and I have yet to find a tutorial of it. Every video I find is either of the original XBOX 360 or just a video of an already completed Slim. I don't have any knowledge of electronics, but figured I could watch an extremely thorough and descriptive video on youtube of how to do it. If anybody has any helpful links with videos and/or pictures that I can use, I would greatly appreciate it. I did find a product named the "Storm V2" for the XBOX 360 that is a color changing LED system that looks extremely simple to install, but i'm looking to save a few bucks if I can (plus i'm not really digging that shade of green). However, instructions on how to install a color changing LED system that is a lot cheaper would be incredible as well. I don't mind videos/pictures that require soldering. I'm looking more into attaching it to the motherboard itself, but if recommended to do it to the disk drive, I'll take that suggestion as well. It just seems easier from the original xbox LED insallations that the motherboard is easier, I just don't know where the spots are located on the SLIM's motherboard.

All helpful tips, links, and info are greatly appreciated.



8 years ago

I would personally pull power off near where a fan is connected -- someone online must have posted a pinout for modding the slim.


Answer 8 years ago

If they have, I have yet to discover it. I've been searching high and low and come up with nothing. I was actually considering buying a broken XBOX for dirt cheap and just gutting it so I can get a hands on feel and look at it before I open up mine. Thanks though.