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How do I install tarballs in Fedora 11 (Actually, how do I enter a folder that exists, but the computer can't find)? Answered

      I found out how to install tarballs in Fedora 11.  The problem is that I have to access the directory where the unzipped files are from the command line.  I'll open up the main archive where the folder is that holds the unzipped files, and the folder with the unzipped files is displayed.  Then when I use the "dir" command to access the folder with the unzipped files, it says no such file exists.  Any recommendations on how to fix this are appreciated.  Thanks!


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Lithium Rain
Lithium Rain

Best Answer 11 years ago

Dir just lists the files. What you need to do is first create a new,clean directory and unpack (extract) the tarball there. Then cd to thedirectory. Generally you need to run ./configure, make and make install(and optionally make clean ONCE YOU ARE DONE). Refer to the extractedreadme file, often they have very specific information, to the point ofcommands you can simply copy and paste into the terminal.