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How do I make 8 to 16 Red LED lights (that are powered by a battery) chase in a circular pattern? Answered

I want to "tart up" my sons Haloween Transfomer Bumblebee costume. I am going to add some simple blue LED arrays (which I have figured out) but I want to add a circle of red LEDs to the barrel of the gun - the thing I can't figure out is how to make them chase in a cool pattern...?


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11 years ago

seandogue - Thank you VERY much for your info - I wonder if you could give me a little more info... I don't how to assemble the unit that you are describing. Should that be an indicator that I should not try this? I easily get how to assemble a simple series of LEDs with a resistor and battery, but am not familiar with the parts you are describing. Help??? Thank you again for your time - - Colin