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How do I make Electroluminescent Fabric respond to sound? Answered

Hey guys, 

Been planning out a little project to do in my spare time that I'm hoping to have completed by Halloween this year (lot's of time for trial and error). I'm planning on making a set of Tron Legacy suits with some slight modifications. I've gone through all the tutorials regarding this particular project on Instructables and I'm mixing and matching methodologies and stuff. It's just this one thing that I'm trying to figure out that I really need help on. Everything is still in the planning phase so I'm pretty open to any suggestions on how to go about the whole design.

Now, I've gotten that people use Electroluminescent wire/tape/strips for most of these projects. M friend and I are planning on importing some EL Fabric for our purposes. 

What's going to be different about our projects is that I'm planning on making some of the EL patterns on the suit sound reactive. I had built a couple of speakers in the past that I want to incorporate into the design. Probably going to mount them on the back and disguise them as Disc holders. The idea is to have the speakers play some music which the entire suit is supposed to light up and pulsate to. My problem is that I'm importing some EL Fabrics that are not sound reactive and I'm not to sure as to how to modify them to be so. Furthermore, my friend who's making this with me, wants the lights to go off in sequence or according to some pattern. Basically, she wants us to be walking light shows, something which I am at a complete loss at how to accomplish.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to go about this exactly? The essential thing here is getting the lights from the EL fabrics to go off according to the sound playing in some organized aesthetic pattern. 

Thanks in advance, guys.


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9 years ago

You can make one op-amp frequency detectors that can respond to
drum beats turning EL power on or off at peak volume....
Similarly select brass frequencies where volume controls EL power
Use sound much like a color organ on select fabrics.