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How do I make Windows Live Hotmail PLUS my default email. . Answered

I sign on ___@msn.com but then I get my email thru Windows Live Hotmail PLUS (pay for it).  I want to declare it to be my default email but no one (MS Tech/Live Tech/Hotmail Tech) seems to be able to tell me how.   If I am on a webpage and want to respond via its own email prompt, I can't.  If I try to send photos from MyPictures, I can't.  I'm taken to Outlook's email and I don't want to use that. 


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11 years ago

It's in your browser options - find the application for "mailto" and change that.
You're not going to be able to set it to Windows Live Hotmail PLUS unless that's running on your machine (i.e. not via internet-browser). You could get something (software on your machine) to use the Windows Live Hotmail PLUS mailservers (?) but that's not the same.
Copy-paste may be your best bet.