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How do I make a 240volt inverter from a microwave transformer Answered

Good enough for power tools I saw one on the net somewhere and can't find it. I got a microwave from the tip but it was too good and so it has a new life in the kitchen.



8 years ago

you will need to build an oscilator (60 Hz in US) first (for control of the input ac voltage frequency) as the transformer will change ac voltages, Then u need a high current switching device to provide energy to the transformer input. Depending on the intended equipment you may need to use an amplifier instead of a switching circuit if the inductive load also includes computerized controls. I would suggest a 555 timer and several high power switching circuits in parallel or a class ab amp if computer controls are required. you will have to know the ratio for the transformer to get the right voltages for the output. You may be better off to design the inverter from the ground up and disregard the microwave transformer in order to simplify the rest of the circuitry.


10 years ago

That inverter is no good for motors or magnets and power tools usually mean motors or magnets.