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How do I make a 3D distance scanner using ultrasonic arduino modules? Answered

I have 3 Ultrasonics Arduino compatible distance sensors. A single ultrasonic sensor can be used to measure the distance of an object from the sensor. But my application for the sensors is a bit different. How do i measure the distance of the object on all 3 axes with respect to the ultrasonic sensor?



4 years ago

Are you trying to ascertain the object's 3D size from a single vantage point ?

Or can you position your sensors a flat X-Y array ?


4 years ago

It's very unlikely that you can because of the low resolution of the Ultrasonic transducers. They will tell you distance only +/- perhaps 3 mm

If you want to try your going to need a suitable PIC microprocessor.

Your going to need to raster scan the scene using a servo or stepper motor and store the resulting distance measurements as you scan. then your going to need to transfer the scan information to something like a PC to assemble the data into a shape again.

To do this at all accurately you need a laser system.

Although Ultra sonic "radars" have been made so it can be made to work to some degree.