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How do I make a 550 cord bracelet with a bdu button closure? Answered

I need to figure out how to secure the botton to the 550 cord and get it to stay.




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When you make the bracelet on one end leave a loop and on the other you cut the cord so you have two strands of cord. What I did was using a power drill, I drilled out the button holes to make one big opening in my button. (I tried a punch and ended up shattering a button) Once you have the hole, feed the two pieces of your end cord through. Then using a lighter you simply melt the cord to the button. Then press the button and the hot melted ends to a flat surface. It takes a little practice but you will figure it out pretty quick.


8 years ago


I stacked the two strands of the knot cord (instead of side by side) and fit the bracelet to my wrist. I then sewed the BDU button to the two stacked strands of cord, cut the excess off, and melted the ends of the cord to finish it. The button hides the melted ends of the cord nicely and looks very clean.

It's my understanding that the troops who make these bracelets overseas use a BDU button ffrom their own uniform as a 'badge' showing they've been deployed to the Middle East. The BDU button is also used as a tribute to all the veterans of previous conflicts.


10 years ago

this might help. Instructable on using a monkey's fist instead of a clasp.

Got cordJayefuu

Answer 8 years ago

Thank you for the reply. I am not a big fan of the monkey fist due to the bulkyness of the knot. I tried the plastic buckle only to have it break. I may try a metal clasp of some type. Thank you though.