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How do I make a cheap, easy power kite? Answered

I don't live in a very windy place, but I have a weeklong yearly trip to the ocean and would like to try power kiting. I have never used a power kite, but have done a fair bit of stunt kiting and target practice on stationary kites. I want to build some thing quick that I wouldn't spend a ton of time on that I would only use for a week out of the year, that could pull possibly a sandboard or buggy, etc. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago

Making your own power kite is a major undertaking - dozens, even hundreds of panels to sew together, and then (depending on your chosen design), possibly lots of bridle lines to tie and adjust. If you're after an occasional use kite, you're best off buying a second-hand kite the appropriate size and type for your weight.


3 years ago

I made a video on 3 very simple power kite designs. not very high performance but they do work.



6 years ago

Go here and make this SIMPLE design yourself:


I JUST finished buying a brand new, for $450 plus shipping which is amazingly cheap ( compared to the going rate ) but $450 is still plenty of cash to most non-millionaire mortals such as myself.

I found the above link today :-? So I hope it save you the cash I already spent.

I am brainstorming water relaunchability and some people have added batting or other materials to make them about 80% relaunchable. If kitesurfing is your goal.

I suggest that anyone telling you that you MUST buy one owns a kitesurfing or kite shop.

I also suggest that if you intend to do kitesurfing you MUST take a lesson or risk DEATH.

I'm in no way affiliated with ANY such businesses ( lessons, kites...), and am about to take my very first lesson this month.

You CAN make you own powerkite EASILY with the above design link.
Same for a kiteboard here


and other places on the net.

If you want affordable, you can make MOST of the items for any type of powerkite activity despite what some less ethical profit seeking shops might say.

I will try making the in spite of owning a new kite, and I'll try using a plastic tarp because it's uber cheap.

The exception is that I WOULD NOT suggest you make your own safety equipment (chicken loop ...), unless you are VERY confident about putting your life in your own hands with said equipment.

I hope this helps, I wish someone had told me about this 2 weeks ago :-(



9 years ago

http://www.kiteplans.org/planos/bache/bache.html ....... here is by far the simplest powerkite you can make and it is pretty strong9six square meters)and also look at a box kite... ... just translate the page and your good to go...(all lengths are in cm on page...) or make a C-Quad http://es.kiteplans.org/pln_778/


9 years ago

look up Nasa Power Wings! they're the simplest kites to make, and pull like a truck!


Answer 9 years ago

A Nasa power wing consist only of a few panels and is easy to make yourself. It is not the most efficient with its low aspect ratio, but a surf kite with its thick leading edge isn't either. If you love buying expensive things like kiteman, then by all means do so. If you love making things yourself, then that is your better option.