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How do I make a cluster of pulsing L.E.D.s. Answered

I want to make a pulsing red light to insert into a sculpture project. The finished piece will be about 2' x 2'. They all need to pulse at the same time for the same duration, fade in fade out type scenario. I want the lights to be pretty bright, where do I start?


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11 years ago

I am not good at explaining things but I can direct you to a video on youtube which will help you out. The video is called How To: Make a Simple LED Flasher.
This video will help send you in the right direction. It is simple once you learn how to do it but that video should be sufficient to show you a simple way to do it or you can go out and purchase a set of flashing LED's from RadioShack. They are inexpensive and serve there purpose. Hope this helps some.