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How do I make a cool Halloween effect, where it looks like wires or electrical cords are coming out of my skin? Answered

I'm working on a costume that makes me look like I'm a robot that detached itself from a wall of wires or electrical cords. What materials could I use to attach these items to bare skin (primarily my back)? Any tips? I've scouring the internet for some advice but I've come up empty handed.



8 years ago

Theatrical spirit glue and coloured cord or thread or even real wire.


8 years ago

because the hard part will be the 'join' between the wire and skin, it might be best looking to have the wires terminate in a second skin - made of something that looks like your skin, latex foam rubber, etc. that way they can jab through without killing you.


Answer 8 years ago

That's very smart! I think I will do that, possibly using latex foam rubber.