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How do I make a device to bring 12v back to 6v without too much power wastage? Answered

I want to run a couple of LED lights that are 6v and I want to use a couple of 12v Batteries. Have been told that a "Spike" would be the way to go but not sure just what that is. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please make the answers simple as I am a tad old and not real sharp on electrics.




10 years ago

For the "best" efficiency (possibly over 90%), what you need is technically called a buck regulator, and it is a switched mode powersupply. You COULD make one, but its not terribly easy. You can buy one from Dimension Engineering like this http://www.dimensionengineering.com/DE-SWADJ.htm

What I would do is use 5V instead, and use the little in-car 12V to USB converters that folks use to charge their mobile phones.


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Answer 10 years ago

Hi Lemonie, thankyou for your reply. Garry


10 years ago

I don't know what a "Spike" is, but there is a way to convert 12v to 6v.
The LM7806 is a +6vVoltage Regulator which will do the job but there will be power wastage. I can't think of any other way to do what you ask.

You say that you want to run 6v LEDs using a 12v battery. So, why not wire up 2 LEDs in series across the battery? As the LEDs are in series, voltage will be distributed among them and you won't have to convert anything!
If you want to run more than two LEDs, you will have to wire them in a Series-Parallel Combo. This is way off topic, but, message me if you want to know how. It's pretty simple.

Hope this helps!