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How do I make a motorized mobile for a crib? Answered

I want to make a one of a kind mobile for my grandson.  I am very handy but I don't know the first thing about using the little rc motors.




8 years ago

If it was me I would salvage a small DC motor from something like a old tape or CD player. Using the same number and type of batteries wire a switch after the batteries. Make sure to test it for speed and to make sure it doesn't get really hot. This simple of a circuit might eventually burn out the motor but it's cheap. If it moves to quickly decrease the number of batteries and/or place a resistor in between the switch and motor. Make sure to enclose it well enough so an inquisitive child doesn't get shocked.

If you want to get kind of fancy you can put a variable resistor, potentiometer, in between the switch and batteries. This will allow you to change the speed of the motor.

If you want overkill fancy buy an Arduino and program in a whole show.


8 years ago

You can always go old school and use a coil spring with a damper on it. Wind it up and he'll be asleep before it's done. No batteries needed.