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How do I make a pillowcase dress for toddlers? Answered

I need help. I want to make a pillowcase dress for a toddler but I want to use material that I have on hand. Or, a really easy tie on the shoulder type dress for toddlers.


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11 years ago

Short answer: make a neck hole and two armholes in the right places.

Longer, more useful answer:
You can find the right places by taking a sleeveless top or dress that fits the toddler and laying it out flat on top of the pillowcase. Transfer the lines of the neck- & armholes to the pillowcase, and cut out. The easy way to finish the raw edges is just to enclose in double-fold bias tape.

For a pretty darned easy (if maybe not absolutely "super easy" :) tie-on-the-shoulder dress, place the sleeveless shirt or dress on the pillowcase so that the edge of the pillowcase is at about where the kid's collarbone fits in the shirt. Cut armholes as above, but this time add a 1.5" seam allowance to edges of the neck hole. Finish the armholes with double-fold bias tape.

Fold the neckhole seam allowance down 1/2", and then fold down again 1" to form a casing. Sew the casing in place. Lay the dress out and mark a horizontal line across the top of each of the pieces leading up to the shoulders. Mark for a shirttail hem, but don't sew it yet.

Find where the top of the neck casing meets the top of the shoulder "hem" and put in a small buttonhole - you'll have to do four buttonholes in all. (This will be the hardest part of making the whole dress. :)

Now sew up the shoulder "hems," and thread your ties through the casings (if I could find some nice soft ones, I might use shoelaces for these - they're made to get tied and stay tied). If you use two long ties (1.5 - 2 yards each, maybe less) you can pass one through the casings each way, and have matching ties on each shoulder.

I wrote an answer a little while ago about making a top or skirt for an adult out of a pillowcase - there's some extra info in there that you may find useful.
(An Instructable is to come, but probably not right away.)