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How do I make a plaster mold of a track ,then paster it again so the track is indented instead of being raised? Answered

I want to make amold of a track.(For example a deer track) then make a mold of that mold so that the finshed mold is actually indented instead of being raised.I want to do this with my grandchildren so thy can hang these tracks on their wall.



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11 years ago

You will need to completely seal the original plaster casting. Open any bubbles in the original with a sharp pin, remove any rough spots or dirt in the casting, then brush thoroughly. Use compressed air to do a final dusting.
Make a thin plaster paste and fill all pin holes, etc. Once that has cured, smooth it over with a Scotch Brite pad, brush and dust once more.
Apply several light coats of urethane acrylic paint to seal the plaster.
Make a form around the casting, coat the casting and form with a light coat of  liquid detergent. You're now ready to make a negative casting of the original.
It is best to make a few practice pieces to develop your technique before working with the original casting.


Answer 11 years ago

Thank you for the info.I am really looking forward to doing this with my grandchildren.I remember doing it as a child and want to pass it on to them.Thanks so much I greatly appreciate you helping me to do so.