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How do I make a power indicater light for a bluetooth? Answered

I have Bluetooth headphones, & I'm modifying them. I want my Bluetooth to light up tow external LEDs when I turn the device on. I can't wire a line to the micro LED, its to small for me to solder. I was thinking wiring the External LEDs to the Bluetooth's battery. Is there a way to make a simple connection from the battery, to the external LED wire & back to the circuit board, so when ever the Bluetooth is switched on, all the external LED is indicating is the power going to the circuit board?



6 months ago

You should not solder on lithium batteries.
And unless you add some vital electronics you will only drain the battery for no good reason.
Any half decent BT device has indicator lights and those are controlled by the electronics - behind the battery protection circuits.
Even if you would have skills and requirement eqippment to solder on 0201or smaller SMD parts it would not help to just add more LED's to the one already in there.
Ever considered to just use a simple switch between battery and electronics?
You risk loosing pairing information on some cheap devices but if the battery is wired than a micro switch with multiple terminals will do what you want although on a slightly different level.